Excursiones y cursos de buceo

Instructor Pedro S. Baranda


Marine Biologist Pedro S. Baranda specializes in research, rescue, rehabilitation and release of marine animals, especially mammals, both cetaceans and pinnipeds, as well as sea turtles, crocodiles, seabirds, all kinds of fish and invertebrates.

He has worked in Mexico, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Cuba, Bahamas, Iceland, Holland, Canada, Ireland and the United States. It has established stranding networks for the rescue and response of stranded marine animals in three different countries and has developed techniques, equipment and protocols for these rescue and rehabilitation activities.

He is a specialist in training reptiles, fish, birds and marine mammals and has developed pioneering medical training techniques for the voluntary cooperation of animals for medical protocols, both handling and auscultation and sampling through the use of operant conditioning and positive reinforcement. He definitely prefers field work to desk work and retirement is not in his plans as he always likes to be active.