Instructor Melchor E. Banda Frutos

Instructor Melchor E. Banda Frutos


Mexican nationality
Place of residence: Monterrey, N.L. Mexico.

Melchor Banda, a businessman from Monterrey, started diving in 2008, but for him, the sea has always been a place to discover.

He is passionate about exploration, which led him to become a cave diver, ice diver, technical and recirculating diver, in order to discover all the corners in which it is possible for him to be and thus share the greatest experiences with his students. .
To date, Monterrey has Melchor as IANTD instructor and head of Extended Range Monterrey.

Monterrey is today a great source of #rangostyle divers, as Melchor accompanies them on this incredible path.

Technical Expertise

  • Dive Master
  • Tek CCR
  • Cavern Dive

Number of dives

  • Total dives + 500
  • Wreck dives +50
  • Cave Dives +50
  • Decompression Dives +30
  • Mixed Gas Dives +10
  • Deepest dive in sea 200 ft
  • Longest dive without decompression 115 min