Instructor Luis Sánchez

Instructor Luis Sánchez


Mexico City resident.
Has been diving for forty six years
Founder of “Rango Extendido” & diving instructor since 1981.

Technical Expertise

Instructor and instructor trainer for PADI, IANTD, TDI, NSS/CDS, EFR, DAN & PADI SWIM.

Over 18,000 dives, including ice, cave, wreck, shark and deep dives. In 2006, he was the first exploration diver to locate a shipwreck off the coast of Veracruz, which transported 1910 cars. Deepest dive at 600 ft, longest at 9 hrs. Sports divers, advanced rescue, first aid, cave diving, rebreather diver (CCR), deep diver with mixes, trimix, ice diver, dry suit diver, DPV, so on.

Expedition leader in Mexico and all over the world. Has scuba dived in Africa, Indonesia, Galápagos, Costa Rica, Antarctica, Artic circle, Great lakes, Bahamas, Cuba, Australia, New Zeland, Island, Tahiti, Micronesia, Fiji, and much more.


– Trimix IT ( Instructor Trainer)
– Cave IT  ( Instructor Trainer)
– Master Free Diver IT  ( Instructor Trainer)
– Tek OW Sidemount IT  ( Instructor Trainer)
– CCR Trimix  Instructor
– Tek CCR  Cave  Instructor
– DAN DFA PRO Instructor
– PADI SWIMM IT   ( Instructor Trainer)
– EFR Instructor

Other data

Author of various articles for Mexican and international diving magazines. Filmmaker and award-winning camera crew for Mexican and International documentaries.

Some of his documentaries aren:

  • Cuevas de Quintana Roo, for PBS.
  • Aquífero de Chiapas, for CBS.
  • Nuestros Mares, for Chanel 11.
  • «2012» Cuevas profundas de Yucatan. Independent production.
  • Paraísos bajo el agua, for Chanel 22.
  • Tesoros, for Netflix.